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katrien pierlet

friends are magic

ism frieda, froefroe en stormopkomst

nikè moens, katrien pierlet en friends are magic

ism frieda, froefroe en stormopkomst


(dramatised- musical installation, 6+)




(dramatised – musical installation, 6+)


østerklan/k is a musical installation that cares about the pain of some eccentrics. a box that, when it opens, celebrates their quest for love and warmth. during this quest, however, they collide with a distant, cold world. østerklan/k tries to comfort these outsiders by composing an opus, especially for them. a performance in which you meet the world of absurd, creepy, hart warming, unique creatures. though you wish them all the luck, their inescapable misfortune is very funny.


concept: nikè moens and katrien pierlet

play: nikè moens, katrien pierlet/ luth lea roose

music: friends are magic (eva binon and jason dousselaere)

format: nikè moens, jan palinckx, seppe jespers, samuel verdonck

production: frieda

coproduction: froefroe, stormopkomst

with the support of: city of ghent

thanks to: tina heylen, michael verdonck, bram rombouts, ivo van baelen, jonas moens and zeilmakerij rubbens


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