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vick verachtert

patrick vervueren

ism frieda en krokusfestival

nikè moens, vick verachtert en patrick vervueren

ism frieda en krokusfestival

x to the power of so much

(visual theatre, game, 8+)



the woman sits on a chair in a room on the second floor. the air stands still.

the ceilings are low. lighting functional.


the stuff in by-cigarette-yellowed cupboards were bought years ago. they are solid and made to last forever.


pictures of family members with serious hair cuts are framed against the greyish green papered walls. they come from a time dressing up was required for a picture.


in this house, meals are meticulously ordened in the fridge, sunlight is banned, pain suppressed quietly.


each performance of x to the power of so much is unique because the course of the story is determined by you, the public. (yes, you!) your choices lead the story. each choice determines the woman’s life (and the lives of those who cross her path).


x to the power of so much questions the right of self-determination of one’s destiny and shows the disproportional consequences of trivial choices. it makes you think about how random a human life is.



“the slow beauty in the game of objects and puppets is charming. the underlying sadness is touching. frieda again shows its talent. every refined theatre lover should see them at work. that is inevitable.” (theaterkrant, ****) (complete article in dutch)

patrick vervueren on the evolution of objects through different frieda projects for (complete article)


concept and play: nikè moens and vick verachtert

text and direction: patrick vervueren

dramaturgy: ruth marien

production: frieda

coproduction: krokusfestival hasselt

with the support of: city of antwerp, the flemish government, froe froe, het bos and kosmonaut production

thanks to: hetPALEIS, wanda eyckerman, gideon hakker, tina heylen, herman roosbroeck, samuel verdonck, hans mishalle and joris festjens



no bookings (for the moment)

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