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ism frieda en brugge plus

patrick vervueren, eva binon

ism frieda en brugge plus

world, end of a

(theatre on location, 8+)




because the world is round, it turns me on.

because the world is round.


because the wind is high, it blows my mind.

because the wind is high.


because the sky is blue, it makes me cry.

because the sky is blue.



(the beatles)

world, end of a arose from a desire of a clear world image. two people try to understand reality by reconstructing it. they choke in their effort and end up in a dystopia. this performance on location shows the impotence of the primitive man in an all too modern environment.


“we don’t live in a world anymore. you talk about a world when you are aware of reality and the fact that it is rooted in your community, in the language. it is clear that the real, most radical impact of capitalism is that we lack this basic world image. the important feeling of a whole. because of this the most important asset in politics nowadays is fear. you mobilise people with fear. political groups nowadays are groups of frightened people, moving out of fear. fear of immigrants, even left-winged groups, fear of a too powerful state, fear of taxes. (…) this is a sad indication of where we are now.” (slavoj žižek)


performances in 2022

04/09  fortbom mortsel, 15h15

25/09  tuin der lusten, de spil roeselaere, 11h

           tuin der lusten, de spil roeselaere, 15h


"perhaps the best youth performance on location ever.” (marc maillard)


“world, end of a draws a playful and philosophical evolution of humanity from adam and eve up till now. it’s a layered performance amusing to both young and old thanks to fun, text and surprising visual findings. the content touches you and makes you think.” (cc ter dilft bornem)


“a clear and layered message, portrayed in an accessible and playful way. world, end of a is a confronting show, maybe just because of that message.” (simone van der sleen – de afgrond) (complete article in dutch)


text, concept and play: eva binon, patrick vervueren

image: nikè moens en jan palinckx

production: frieda

coproduction: brugge plus




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