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katrien pierlet

ism frieda, cc het gasthuis en apojo

nikè moens en katrien pierlet

ism frieda, cc het gasthuis en apojo

tomorrow all will be different

(theatre, community art project) 



full performance (password on demand)


she put her arm around him, as if asking him to dance.

she bowed her head.

they didn't look at each other, they were silent.

they started to dance, slowly, stiff.

they danced on, even more silent, she held on firmly.

(péter esterhàzy, of beauty and comfort.)

tomorrow all will be different was created as part of het boze wolf festival 2018. the inhabitants of apojo, a non profit association in aarschot for mentally challenged people, get on stage with their mentors and bring a story about hope, human resilience and solidarity.


'uncommonly beautiful!' (elsemieke scholte - de theatermaker) (instagram)


concept, form and direction: nikè moens en katrien pierlet

play: isabelle beynaerts, stefaan weyns, antonio dello monaco, shawnee pels, liesbeth cockx, sonia de roover, linda wouters, luc van bosstraeten, wesley verschooten, sonia cipido, annick wouters, anne tuerlinckx en sooi jacobs

coaching: eva binon en wanda eyckerman

technique and decor: vick verachtert, samuel verdonck en cc het gasthuis

production: cc het gasthuis

coproduction: frieda en froefroe


no bookings anymore

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