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vick verachtert

ism frieda, feikes huis en scheld'apen

nikè moens en vick verachtert

ism frieda en feikes huis

the grannies

(visual theatre)





about a granny

and a granny

and a kettle

and a buffet

and a thermos

and a stove

and a clocka

and a vacuum cleaner

and the newspaper.


about a dance

and a knife

and onions

and a knitting needle

and fairy dreft

and lots of coffee

and lots of whipped cream.


in the grannies you meet two old ladies who love each other, hate each other, but live together despite of it all.


nikè moens and vick verachtert bring an intruiging performance in a lifelike setting, packed with bits and bobs. through carefully chosen items, furniture and acts they paint the residents and their lives. aach granny has her own task. everything is harmonious. until one day it all changes...


this wordless performance is loosely based on the book two old ladies by toon tellegen.



“the grannies is no performance to laugh out loud, but a story that makes you smile. it’s a performance asking for intense concentration and complete dedication of the public. only then the small gestures and minimal changes will be noticed. […] a great performance.” (marla kleine) (complete article in dutch)

“magical moments and fascinating speechlessness in this theatre festival.” (complete article in german)

patrick vervueren on the evolution of objects through different frieda projects for (complete article)


concept, format and play: nikè moens and vick verachtert
dramaturgy: ruth mariën
direction: eva binon
décor: bram soli
technique: olmo claessens and bram soli
special thanks to: wanda eykerman and bart kalkhoven

production: feikes huis

coproduction: frieda en scheld'apen

with the support of: city of antwerp



no bookings

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