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ism frieda

patrick vervueren

ism frieda


(visual art, performance)



recording: begin of day 8




along paths I will

teased by corn

on a blue summer evening

shuffeling over short grass

i will think nothing

i will be silent

as a grave

and far


in nature

i will go



i want to disappear with novena. hit the brakes of time. say goodbye to the strenuous earthiness and be on route, always on route. i want to look in the distance, with humility or rage, with hope, expecting and at full throttle. armed with melancholy and eternal value. i want to walk and see everything in front of me. novena is a static walk without a cause, that - nine days later - ends where it began.


“a man, who has become aware of the absurd, is forever tied. a man, without hope and aware of it, has no future. this is the course of things. but it is also in the course of things that one tries to escape the universe that was created for him.” (from the myth of sysiphus by albert camus)



concept, format and performing: patrick vervueren



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