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seppe jespers

ism frieda

eva binon, tina heylen, nikè moens, jan palinckx, patrick vervueren en seppe jespers

ism frieda

my dinner with frieda

(theatrical feast)



ladies and gentlemen,

this evening has almost come to an end. we have just had kind of a high: the main course. we are only moments away from the real highlight of the evening: the party! the party will last its time, but this too will end. afterwards, you will go home, or somewhere else. anyway: you can’t stay here. that is what we agreed on with the caretakers of this domain. romorrow perhaps you will talk about this evening, or not. maybe you will talk about another highlight of your weekend on monday, maybe not.

you probably won’t talk about the seven times you looked into your car’s mirror on your way here, making sure your hair was still okay. you probably won’t talk about the nine sandwiches you ate this weekend: two with cheese, of which one also had mustard, one with paté, two with chicken, one with chicken and curry, one with meatloaf and mustard and two with chocolate spread.

this excess of details would soon drive your colleagues mad. but life itself though, is a storyteller overwhelming us with redundancies, repetitions, misleading accents and irrelevant twists. when we report on an event, we leave out moments of boredom and focus on the crucial moments. ss such we give – without lying or embellishing – life an intensity and coherence it didn’t have in the cluttered moment itself.



concept, play, food and drinks: eva binon, marijke guetens, tina heylen, nikè moens, jan palinckx, patrick vervueren and seppe jespers

text: patrick vervueren, eva binon

format, image: tina heylen, nikè moens, jan palinckx and seppe jespers

with the support of: the flemish government, city of antwerp


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