icw frieda en froefroe


eva binon, tina heylen en patrick vervueren

ism frieda


(visual art/ theatre for toddlers (3+) and adults)




teaser 1

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look! there's a machine!



and look over there! something is tumbling down!



there's babbling!




things meet! collide!
a clash?
a rendez-vous?

just look at that!

in TATTARЯATTAT!(*) species and individuals stand on, under, between, next, above, before, behind or opposite each other.  a plank meets a beam. a woman smashes into herself. large watches small. abstract chats with itself, or argues with concrete. what’s the sound of blue? what does flat do? how much is firm?


TATTARЯATTAT! is a moving expressive work that categorizes, classifies, organizes, but also dances, sings and dreams. a festive discovery of difference and resemblance that can be lived and interpreted  by both parent and child. 

(*) tattarrattat is the longest palindromic word in the oxford english dictionary. james joyce used it ulysses (1922) for a knock on the door: 'i was just beginning to yawn with nerves thinking he was trying to make a fool of me when i knew his tattarrattat at the door.'


performances in 2021

12/02  cc de kern wilrijk, 10h30 CANCELED 

           cc de kern wilrijk, 14h00 CANCELED

13/02  cc de kern wilrijk, 14h30 CANCELED

14/02  cc westrand dilbeek, 14h30 CANCELED

           cc westrand dilbeek, 16h30 CANCELED

21/02  cc de velinx tongeren, 15h00 CANCELED

22/02  cc de velinx tongeren, 10h30 CANCELED

           cc de velinx tongeren, 13h30 CANCELED

23/02  cc de velinx tongeren, 10h30 CANCELED

25/02  gc brecht, 10h30 CANCELED

           gc brecht, 14h00 CANCELED

26/02  de kopergietery gent, 10h00 CANCELED

           de kopergietery gent, 14h00 CANCELED

28/02  costa antwerpen, 15h00 CANCELED


01/03  costa antwerpen, 10h30 CANCELED

           costa antwerpen, 14h00 CANCELED

07/03  cc de ploter ternat, 10h00 CANCELED

           cc de ploter ternat, 15h30 CANCELED

08/03  cc de ploter ternat, 10h00 CANCELED

           cc de ploter ternat, 13h30 CANCELED

14/03  keerbergen jeugddienst, 15h00 CANCELED

16/03  cc casino kortrijk, 10h00 CANCELED

           cc casino kortrijk, 14h00 CANCELED

21/03  cc merksem, 15h00 CANCELED

22/03  cc merksem, 10h30 CANCELED

           cc merksem, 14h00 CANCELED

28/03  schouwburg kortrijk, 15h00 CANCELED

29/03  cc brugge, 14h00 CANCELED

30/03  cc brugge, 10h00 CANCELED

           cc brugge, 14h00 CANCELED

31/03  cc brugge, 10h00 CANCELED

01/04  cc blankenberge, 14h00 CANCELED

02/04  cc blankenberge, 10h00 CANCELED

           cc blankenberge, 14h00 CANCELED

03/04  cc ha hasselt, 15h00 CANCELED

25/04  cc nova wetteren, 14h00 CANCELED

           cc nova wetteren, 16h00 CANCELED

16/05  théâtre de la guimbarde charleroi, 17h00 CANCELED

17/05  théâtre de la guimbarde charleroi, 10h30 CANCELED

18/05  c-mine genk, 11h00

           c-mine genk, 14h00

19/05  c-mine genk, 09h00

           c-mine genk, 11h00

20/05  c-mine genk, 09h00

           c-mine genk, 11h00

           c-mine genk, 14h00


"this production surprises young and old, and keeps on doing so by a clean staging. (...) TATTARЯATTAT! is a gem of visual theater of things, in which things - being boards and beams - remain things as such. no metaphorical or symbolical hassle, just an ode to imagination and play." (tuur devens, de theaterkrant.nl) (complete article in dutch)


concept: eva binon, tina heylen, patrick vervueren

play: eva binon, ephraïm cielen/ arne leurentop/ jochem baelus, tina heylen, patrick vervueren

music: ephraïm cielen

light design: lucas van haesbroeck

technique: anton leyzen/ klaartje vermeulen

workplace: anton leyzen, marjan verachtert

production: frieda

coproduction: froefroe

with the support of: villanella, het krokusfestival

thanks to: huis mortier, kobe chielens, marc maillard



bookings: evelien@froefroe.be

technical reader